My Backup Drive: Safe, Secure Online Backup
July 14, 2024 | Web Access

Access Your Backup

Get Worldwide Access to Your Files

Forgot to copy your presentation to your thumbdrive? Want to share your vacation photos at your in-laws? Just log in to My Backup Drive and have instant access to all your files. You can access your data on your smart phone, iPad, tablet, network, laptop, or anywhere you have internet access.

What You Can Backup:

  • Up To 5 PC's
  • External Hard Drives
  • USB Drives
  • Documents, Folders, Drives
  • Photos, Videos, and Music
  • All Versions of Your Files

My Backup Drive wants to make your back easy, secure, and accessible. Our automated software will keep your backup updated on a daily basis. Our secure network uses three levels of advanced encryption to protect your data. And our website provides worldwise access to all your files. Bring your data to the cloud with My Backup Drive and don't be limited by traditional backups anymore!

Ready? Get My Backup Drive...

Backup your data today with My Backup Drive. It's easy, secure, and available anywhere. Don't risk losing your valuable files, photos, and digital memories. Get My Backup Drive Today!