My Backup Drive: Safe, Secure Online Backup
July 14, 2024 | Web Access

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General Questions

How does My Backup Drive work?

My Backup Drive lets you easily and securely backup your files on up to five computers. My Backup Drive will encrypt your files and securely send them over the internet to our high-speed data centers. Your data is stored safely on redundant servers available instantly through the internet. You can even access files from your smart phone or remote computers via our web access. Don't risk losing valuable data or digital memories. My Backup Drive makes backup, secure and easy to do.

Is My Backup Drive secure?

My Backup Drive uses a three-tiered security system to provide complete data security and privacy protection. Data is encrypted using the Advanced Encryption Standard – the same level of encryption frequently used by the US military.

  • Locally encrypted at 256 bit AES
  • In transit at 128 bit SSL
  • At the data center at 1024 bit AES

Where can I access my files?

My Backup Drive lets you access your files instantly, anywhere in the world via our internet portal. You can also install and backup 5 different computers, providing direct access from those computers using our My Backup Drive software.

How long does it take to backup or restore?

My Backup Drive uses high-speed data centers and does not throttle upload or download speeds, making us much faster than other online backup providers. The time to restore or backup your files is based on the size of the files and your internet speed (test your internet speed here). Downloads (restoring files) and typically much faster than uploads (backing up files) due to internet speeds.

Estimated Backup Times

10GB Backup – 1 Day @ 2 Mbps

25GB Backup – 2.3 Days @ 2 Mbps

50GB Backup – 4.6 Days @ 2 Mbps

100GB Backup – 9.2 Days @ 2 Mbps

Estimated Restoration Times

10MB Restore – 1 Min @ 10 Mbps

1GB Restore – 30 Mins @ 10 Mbps

10GB Restore – 3 Hours @ 10 Mbps

25GB Restore – 7 Hours @ 10 Mbps

50GB Restore – 1 Day @ 10 Mbps

100GB Restore – 2 Days @ 10 Mbps

How much space do I need?

Your backup need will vary based on how many files you have and what you want to backup. If you want to backup just photos and documents, you may need less space. If you want to backup all your music and videos too, you may need more space. Our basic backup size is 25GB, with additional space available for whatever your backup needs may be. Use our Free Backup Scanner Tool to scan your PC and estimate your total backup size. If you need additional help, contact us and we're happy to help.

Additional Information

About File Versioning

Every My Backup Drive account features free file versioning. This advanced feature saves multiple versions of each file you backup, allowing you to recover the version of the file you worked on yesterday or two weeks ago. Versioning is a great feature for business people, writers, students, programmers, and more.

About our Data Centers

My Backup Drive only uses data centers that are level Tier III, Tier IV and SAS 70 compliant across the global data grid. Tier IV data center is considered as most robust and less prone to failures. Tier IV is designed to host mission critical servers and computer systems, with fully redundant subsystems (cooling, power, network links, storage etc) and compartmentalized security zones controlled by biometric access controls methods.

  • Redundant capacity components
  • Dual-powered equipment and multiple uplinks
  • All components are fully fault-tolerant and dual-powered including uplinks, storage, chillers, HVAC systems, servers, etc

Is My Backup Drive HIPAA Compliant?

My Backup Drive complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability ACT. (HIPAA); enacted by the US Congress in 1996. HIPAA compliant data storage is required for certain companies, institutions, and professionals.