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June 9, 2023 | Web Access

Data Loss

Have You Experienced Data Loss?

Have you ever lost data? Chances are: yes. Hardware failure, human error (like accidental deletion), software glitches, theft, and viruses are the major data loss vectors. For a small business, a major data loss resulted in 70% of these businesses closing. For an individual or family, data loss can mean permenantly losing priceless photos, emails, and more.

Data Loss Facts:

  • Every 15 Seconds a Hard Drive Fails
  • Every Day 2,000 Laptops are Stolen
  • Only 25% of Users Frequently Backup Data

Major Causes of Data Loss:

  • 42% – Hardware Problems
  • 30% – Human Error
  • 13% – Software Problems
  • 7% – Viruses
  • 5% – Theft
  • 3% – Disasters

Even if you already have a backup of some sort, you may not be adequately protecting your data. Three out of five users have lost a file they had stored safely. And only one in four users frequently backup their data. With My Backup Drive, your backup is automated and safely stored offsite on redundant secure servers.

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